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When you or a loved one has been injured on the job due to reckless, negligent or dangerous acts of another or through a job-related accident, it is critical that you get legal representation at once.

Fontes Figueroa Law Group represents injured workers throughout Southern California in all aspects of workers’ compensation claims. We understand that being unable to work because of workplace injury and fighting to get the compensation you deserve is a difficult situation. Our goal is to simplify our Clients workers’ compensation process as much as possible.

The most important thing for clients to know is that California law requires your employer to pay workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer an injury or become sick because of work. Your employer cannot discriminate against you, fire you, or punish you for filing for a workers compensation claim in California. We have the knowledge, experience and determination needed to successfully represent clients in all types of work accident and occupation disease claims, including cumulative injury claims, total disability claims and work related death claims.

We understand complex injuries and cumulative injuries as well as other types of workplace injuries. Our goal in every case is to help our client get the medical care and workers compensation benefits the client deserves.

No fee ever, unless and until you win.

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