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Family-Based Immigration

Fontes Figueroa Law Group has exceptional expertise in family-based immigration matters. The firm has helped thousands of individuals unite with their families through approved immigrant relative petitions, adjustment of status, and consulate processing. Read More

Employment Immigration

Fontes Figueroa Law Group is a premier business immigration law firm, with broad expertise in employment-based work visas, investor visas, professional visas, multinational transfers and skilled worker applications for large corporations, midsize firms, and small businesses. Read More

Requirements for Naturalization

For many immigration attorneys, a naturalization case is very rewarding. Naturalized clients are always happy clients. If they have taken the time to study for citizenship, paid for the process, and gone through the paperwork and interview... Read More

The H-1B Visa Category

There are many visa categories available for hiring a highly qualified professional worker, but one of the best is the H-1B visa. This article provides basic information about a visa classification that is arguably the most popular one used by U.S. companies... Read More

Affidavit of Support for Family Members

Poets and pop singers often downplay the importance of money when speaking of love, but the drafters of our U.S. immigration laws are not so sentimental. Indeed, if you want to sponsor your foreign national spouse for a green card... Read More

International Placement of Key Employees

Chief executive officers, human resource managers, and department managers at multinational companies are always looking for key employees to drive business operations. When their needs involve use of a key employee at a foreign affiliate... Read More

Rewarding Talent

Talent is always in demand. For that reason, the United States has a need to welcome talented foreign nationals with stellar credentials who can be considered part of “the cream of the crop.” The O-1 visa is a category designed to fulfill this very purpose. Read More

TN & H-1B Contrasted

For immigration purposes, Canadians struck it rich when the United States and Canada entered into the North American Free Trade Agreement, which was signed into law on December 8, 1993. NAFTA makes it easier for Canadians to invest, trade, and provide professional services in the United States. Read More